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Technical services 

technicians with specially created mounts for displaying netsuke

Technical services technicians with a display of Japanese netsuke on a specially created mount at World Museum

The technical services section provides technical expertise and advice to colleagues throughout the estate on a wide variety off issues and topics.

Our technicians design and manufacture object mounts, covers and containers for the protection and display of items from National Museums Liverpool collections.

The technicians have a wealth of experience in the handling, packing and transport of large-scale objects and the preparation, installation, maintenance and dismantling of exhibitions and displays.

The technicians use a machine workshop and work closely with conservators so that the custom made mounts are designed and created to safely and securely display objects to maximum effect to the visitor. 

Read more about the work of our technicians on the blog .

technician mounting Egyptian objects for display

Mounting Egyptian objects prior to display in the
Ancient Egypt gallery