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Painting techniques

The paint layers are applied confidently in a simple layer structure of one or two layers with a modifying highlight or shadow to define details. The paint is usually smoothly blended, wet-in-wet, with a fine 'feathering' at contours, visible only under low magnification, as shown in the details of the jockey's hand below.

detail from the painting of clenched hand holding the reins

Detail of the jockey's hand

extremely magnified detail of the hand

Feathering at the contour of the hand

This feathering contributes to the softening of the contours of the horse and jockey. Fluid, horizontal brushstrokes form the foreground and middle distance which recedes in simple bands of light and shade. There is little use of impasto, other than in the body of the paint of more heavily loaded brushstrokes, for example at the strong green below the trees at the centre left. The background hills and trees are modelled in thin, but opaque layers in muted tones which emphasise the diffuse light of the distant landscape.

detail of horse's forelegs, and the landscape in the background

Detail of landscape