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Painting treatment

painting of a ship sailing away

'Man of War in a Harbour' during treatment - after cleaning

When the painting arrived at the conservation centre, it was very grimy. It had hung in a private house for many years and was covered in dirt and dust. To remove this a water based solution was used and then cleared off the surface with deionised water. This removed a tremendous amount of surface dirt, and what is presumed to be nicotine. The colour of the swabs was bright orange.

The varnish was removed using solvents. This removed the discoloured varnish layer and the scumbled over-paint in the sky. Varnish removal revealed a paint layer in a relatively good condition. There is a little abrasion to the lower right corner, and to the clouds. A toning layer is largely missing from the pinkish cloud to the left of the central ship. However the painting only has a couple of minute paint losses, usually associated with previously raised cracking.

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