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Francesco di Giorgio's 'St Bernardino Preaching' c1462-5

Conservation treatment and technical examination of this painting from the Walker Art Gallery

medieval painting of a busy square full of people

The painting after conservation. Zoom into the detail of this painting

detail of preacher from painting in a raised pulpit overlooking the crowds

Detail from the painting showing St Bernardino in a raised pulpit, at the top right of this image.

Accession number WAG 2758

The Renaissance painting 'St Bernardino Preaching' by Francesco di Giorgio was examined in 2005 for a proposed loan to London, before being fully conserved.

The treatment of the painting took many months and much of the difficult cleaning was carried out under the microscope. This enabled us to examine the surface in very close detail to see exactly how it was made.

The painting has recently been attributed to Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

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