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Keeping track of objects: documentation and registration


Registrars work across the organisation with a variety of staff including curators, conservators, photography, exhibitions, handling and transport and estates to: 

  • acquire new objects into the collection
  • lend items from the collection
  • borrow items into the collection
  • deliver temporary exhibitions and permanent displays
  • support the capital projects programme

Ultimately to allow collections to reach a wider audience.

Every year National Museums Liverpool lends hundreds of objects throughout the UK and abroad for temporary exhibitions, longer term loans to permanent displays and for research. Registrars are generally responsible for supporting loans, exhibitions and installations by:

  • generating loan agreements
  • arranging for UK Government Indemnity cover or insurance for outward loans
  • ensuring objects are packed safely
  • co-ordinating the arrival and departure of objects with external transport agents, lenders, borrowers and other National Museums Liverpool staff
  • working with colleagues within National Museums Liverpool to ensure the safe installation of objects and compliance with lender requirements

This may seem simple enough but can often be quite complicated and very time consuming!