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Conserving the Liverpool Eros

The Liverpool Eros, which originally stood in Sefton Park, is the second version of Sir Alfred Gilbert's famous fountain in Piccadilly Circus, London.

In 1991 the sculpture conservation department was asked to report on the condition of the Liverpool Eros by Liverpool City Council. The aluminium figure of Eros and his bronze fountain base were in an appalling state. The council agreed that the Eros should be removed to our studios for examination and treatment.

In the meantime discussions were held with the Fine Art Society in London, who had produced a limited edition of the Eros sculpture. National Museums Liverpool acquired the original Eros for display and the council were provided with a replica.

Following laser cleaning and repairs the Liverpool Eros looks as good as new. It is now in the Conservation Centre, a new indoor setting where it is protected from the corrosion that damaged it so badly before. 

Have a look at images taken during the conservation process in the image gallery above.