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Engineering and maritime conservation

Ship in dry dock

The Edmund Gardner pilot cutter

Engineering and Maritime conservation care for many historic objects from one of the world's great port cities. The collection is varied, from the complex and unique to the more simple and commonplace.

The Liverpool Overhead Railway motor coach from the world's first electrified overhead railway, the Lion locomotive of 1838 from the world's first intercity railway and Cecil Raikes, an original steam locomotive from the Mersey Railway, are three fine examples.

We also care for two full size steel ships, the 760 tonne Edmund Gardener pilot cutter and the De Wadden. Add to this a large number of wooden boats, road vehicles, and an eclectic range of industrial objects and the diversity of the collection becomes clear.

Within the department we marry traditional trade skills and best practice in engineering and traditional woodworking with modern conservation techniques to care for and display these complex objects.

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