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Vaults of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral crypt under construction, 1937

Archive reference 12954-25

elevated view of a network of brick vaults and domes under construction, with some wooden scaffolding and metal supports

Here the construction of Sir Edwin Lutyens' crypt for the Metropolitan Cathedral is captured, showing its complex vaulting. Lutyens' design was for an ambitious and monumental cathedral of classical inspiration but was never completed in its entirety due to the intervention of World War II. A model of this design exists which is now on display in The People's Republic gallery at the Museum of Liverpool.

Work continued on the crypt in 1956 and it was completed in 1958. Thereafter the modified design for the cathedral was abandoned and a new and truly modern design by Frederick Gibberd was adopted and ultimately completed.

Note the right-angle of white marks to the left which are instructions to crop the image to the area below and to the right of them.

This photograph was commissioned by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

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