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Who was Stewart Bale?

portrait photographs of 2 men

Herbert Stewart Bale on the left and Edward Stewart Bale on the right. Accession number for both images MMM 2007.41

"The name is associated with a quality of performance never equalled in the field of photography…"
The British Journal of Photography, October 1944

Stewart Bale was a company rather than an individual!

It was an important and highly successful family run commercial photographic practice that flourished in Liverpool from around 1911 until the early 1980s.

The company was originally founded as an advertising and printing firm in 1899 by Herbert Stewart Bale. The business began to specialise in photography after Edward (one of Herbert’s sons) was brought in to meet their demands for good quality images - which were difficult to commission within the area at that time. The company went on to establish a London studio in 1949.

Edward Stewart Bale set a standard of photographic excellence that became a hallmark of the company. This made it one of the best regarded practices of its day.

Find out more about Stewart Bale Ltd on this website or download an information sheet about the company from the Maritime Archives and Library.