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Street Life: Liverpool in fashion

16 June - 20 August 2006

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

fashionably dressed young woman
© Victoria Spofforth

North West photographers Mark McNulty and Victoria Spofforth have documented the unique 'look' of Liverpool fashion. Subjects young and old were included in the exhibition, revealing a candid portrait of the city’s confidence and style.

More than twenty colour photographs conveyed the character of Liverpool’s 'pavement catwalks'. From young men in designer tracksuits and trainers to a sharp-suited businessman in front of classic architecture, the images cover the spectrum of Liverpool society and fashion.

Street Life explained how fashion can signal many things from individual identity, membership of a particular group, allegiance to a favourite football team or love of a type of music. The exhibition captured the rich mixture of styles on Liverpool’s streets as the city prepared to be European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Accompanying the exhibition was a display on the future of fabrics and 'smart materials'. Concentrating on the latest design and structure of contemporary textiles, the display revealed how modern garments can accommodate a wide range of needs and circumstances. The display also looked at how these innovative materials are analysed at the Conservation Centre when making choices on their collection and preservation.

The exhibition was a collaboration between Peppered Sprout Design Company and National Museums Liverpool, supported by the Liverpool Culture Company.

Mark McNulty

fashionably dressed young men on a Liverpool street
© Mark McNulty

Mark McNulty, a Liverpool born and based photographer, works in the city, as well as continuing to work on his own personal projects. All of Mark’s work sees an obsessive desire to document popular culture in its many forms. This approach was adopted for the exhibition - from the omnipresent Lacoste clad teenagers to girls dressing like it’s Saturday night all week long. The images are portraits of how things were looking on the streets of Liverpool in 2006.

Victoria Spofforth

fashionably dressed young women on a Liverpool street
© Victoria Spofforth

Victoria Spofforth is a freelance photographer based in Manchester. She is a valued and active member of Redeye, the North West photography network. She produces her own projects, whilst working on commissions incorporating both her photographic and design skills.

"My approach to Street Life: Liverpool in Fashion has been greatly inspired by my past way of working. I am fascinated by the unchanged Britain, documenting the people and places, which still retain their original character and charm, unaffected by the monotony of the modern world. 

My intention for this project was to capture an honest, unstaged insight into fashion as it is in Liverpool today. I approached people as they went about their daily routines, in the spaces where they live, work and socialise.

By photographing people in their natural environments I feel I have captured more than just a visual document displaying current fashions. I have created an insight in to the varied inhabitants of the city, communicating something about their backgrounds, their personalities and their ideals.

In my search to document fashion in Liverpool, I have met people of all ages and from all walks of life. However there was one thing they all had in common, a sense of pride for their city. To quote one man I met: love my city, I hate anyone putting it down."