Broken Lives: slavery in modern India

26 June 2015 to 11 December 2016

photograph of a young Indian girl in traditional clothing

This exhibition has now closed

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Slavery still exists. Even though it is illegal throughout the world today, contemporary forms of slavery can be found in almost every country.

Up to half of the victims of modern slavery globally are in India, most of these are ‘Dalits’. The word ‘Dalit’ means broken, crushed or oppressed. Dalits used to  be known as ‘untouchables’, indicating how many others avoided physical contact for fear of tainting their religious purity or social superiority. Many still experience marginalisation and prejudice, live in extreme poverty and are vulnerable to human trafficking and bonded labour.

Broken Lives: slavery in modern India provided a window into the experiences of Dalits and others who are being exploited and abused through modern slavery in India. 

Delivered in partnership with the Dalit Freedom Network, this powerful and moving exhibition revealed stories of hardship, survival and hope for broken lives mended.

Kavi film

Kavi ( from Gregg Helvey on Vimeo.

The full verison of 'Kavi' by Gregg Helvey was shown in the exhibition. Kavi is about a boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead he is forced to work in a brick kiln, in modern day slavery. Kavi was a 2010 Oscar-nominated® short and winner of best short narrative in the 2009 Student Academy Awards®. 

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