How to get involved in the campaign against human trafficking

Photograph of a huge room full of people holding a picture of a child's face in front of their own


STOP THE TRAFFIK is a global movement of over 1,000 organisations working through local communities in over fifty countries to prevent human trafficking, prosecute the traffickers and protect the victims.

STOP THE TRAFFIK emphasises that human trafficking begins in communities and can be stopped by communities. It aims to inform and equip those communities, to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle human trafficking worldwide.

What you can do

You can help people like Masud, Candy and Jessica by raising awareness of human trafficking in your schools, workplaces and communities so that more is done to stop it and prevent people from being tricked or forced into modern day slavery.

If millions of victims are forced to make millions in profit for criminals, then there need to be millions of people willing to do something to stop human trafficking.

Check the STOP THE TRAFFIK website for resources and ideas on how to get involved and become part of an Active Community against Trafficking (ACT).

logo with handprint and text 'STOP THE TRAFFIK. People shouldn't be bought and sold'