Jessica's story

Portrait photo of a young woman, her face partly obscured by shadow

One Friday night my daughter didn't come home. Jessica was thirteen. "See you", she called out as normal when she left. But 10pm came and went. At 11.30pm I started ringing round her friends. Shortly after I rang the police. I rand my ex-husband too, and we went out looking for her. That was probably the worst night of my life. We searched for her the whole of the next day too.

Then the police called. She'd been picked up with a friend called Gemma. Gemma was in foster care. What I didn't know at that point was that Gemma was being groomed by a group of men. I grounded Jessica for going missing. But the next day she was gone again. Gemma was also missing from her foster home. I rang the police again. On Tuesday morning I got a knock on the front door. Two female police officers asked to come in. "We believe Jessica is being sexually exploited by a group of men," they said

Text courtesy of STOP, SHE'S MY DAUGHTER.