Contemporary Slavery Teachers' Resource

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Image courtesy of Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos 1995. *About this image.

Slavery is outlawed in every country, but that doesn't mean it no longer exists. Today, as many as 27 million people across the world endure forms of treatment that merit the term "slavery" just as surely as those bought and sold in the Transatlantic slave trade 200 years ago.. Many victims of contemporary slavery are young people - the same age as those taught in schools in England and Wales.

We hope that when students encounter this material, they will learn about how basic human rights, including those of people their own age, continue to be violated, and that they will develop empathy with those enduring slavery today and become motivated to contribute to their fight for freedom.

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The site has been produced with particular reference to the teaching of Citizenship within the National Curriculum of England and Wales. We hope it will also be used beyond these borders among students aged 10-14.

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*About the image (above)

Forced labour - each household has to provide one member of the family to do unpaid 'voluntary' work to avoid fines or imprisonment, Myanmar, (Burma), 1995. © Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos.