Floor plan

International Slavery Museum floor plan Temporary exhibition space Legacy Enslavement and the Middle Passage Life in West Africa Freedom! sculpture Campaign Zone Temporary display area

The International Slavery Museum is located on the third floor of Merseyside Maritime Museum. As well as the galleries below, there are also a number of special exhibition and education spaces and standalone features .


There are three main themed galleries:

Exhibitions and education spaces

The museum hosts a changing programme of temporary exhibitions and events.

Main exhibition space

Located in the Legacy gallery. 

Campaign Zone

Located at the far end of the museum by the Legacy gallery. The Campaign Zone is an exhibitions and community space that aims to shed light on the legacies of transatlantic slavery and to raise awareness of the modern forms of slavery existing in the world today. 

Anthony Walker Education Centre

This space, near the lifts at the start of the museum, is used for a variety of events, talks and workshops. Smaller exhibitions and displays are held at the entrance. The current display is Continuing the Journey.

Other major features

Visitors encounter these two major standalone features at the entrance to the museum: