The Black Achievers Wall

Portrait photo of Mohammed Ali

Muhammad Ali
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, NYWT and S Collection, [ LC-USZ62-115435]

The Black Achievers Wall in the Legacy gallery at the International Slavery Museum is a celebration of Black Achievers past and present. These people represent a real mix of backgrounds, eras and disciplines, from civil rights campaigners and politicians to rock stars and poets. Some are household names like Bob Marley. Others, like rebel slave leader Gaspar Yanga, are virtually unknown to the general public, but all are inspirational.

However, this list is not static, and we want both website and museum visitors to tell us who they think should join the list. Do you think we are missing someone important, or is there an emerging talent you think we should recognise? In collaboration with the Independent we are asking you to send us your suggestions. Remember that your suggestion can come from any era and any background - they could be a sports person, a writer, an activist, a television personality - anyone just as long as they are inspirational.

Send us your suggestions

Please email the International Slavery Museum with the name of anybody who you feel deserves to be added to the wall, with your reasons for suggesting them.

If you need inspiration, on the Independent's website you can read an article by playwright by Kwame Kwei-Armah about the museum and some of the people who have already made it onto the Black Achievers Wall.