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Blob visiting world museum

Hallo! I'm Stubby!

About me

  • Height: 120 cm
  • Width: 240 cm
  • Likes: Football, stars, and painting.
  • Named by: Leah, 6

I have six brothers and sisters and we have come, from a far away land to visit the museums of Liverpool. I've decided to visit the Walker Art Gallery because it has lots of dead famous art.

Where we come from, we don't have names that you can make sense of. They sound like beeps and blips to you. So, Leah helped me out with a name that you can say - "Stubby"! It sounds really weird to me, but I'm told it's a very beautiful name. Thanks Leah!

I've heard there's some art by someone called Stubbs at the Walker Art Gallery and that a 'stub' is the end of a pencil. Maybe you could draw a picture of me with your pencil?

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