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Portrait Detectives

A portrait isn't just a pretty picture of a famous or wealthy person. It is a treasure trove of clues and ideas. It can tell us who a person was, how they lived and what they thought about themselves. It can even tell us about the painter and their life.

Using paintings from the Walker we will show you how to find and interpret these clues. You can take a 'guided tour' where we explain the portrait to you, or you can visit the 'explore' section where you do the detective work and find the clues yourself. Either way there is lots to do both on-line and away from your computer.

The investigation begins here. Please choose one of the portraits on the right.

 Guided Tours - the portraits explained

Guided Tours

 Explore - try to find the clues


Guided tour 1 Guided tour 2 Guided tour 3 Explore 1 Explore 2 Explore 3

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