Chinese collection

Item LL 6577
side view of figure of item LL 6577

Accession no: LL 6577
Object type: Ceramic
Name: Figure of a horse
Materials: Earthenware
Place made: China
Date made: Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD)
Measurements: H. 53.7 cm, W. 27 cm, L. 54.3 cm

Description: Figure of a horse, painted over white slip with red and black pigment. Known by the Chinese as tianma (steeds of heaven), it made travel on the Silk Road and defence of China's borders much easier. This horse may be one of the specially trained dancing horses that were kept by Tang emperors.

Purchased by the Trustees of the Gallery in 1947. Curator’s Report to the Trustees of June 1947 in the LLAG archives.