Frederick Sandys 1829-1904

Coloured chalks, drawn 1873

Accession number WAG 2251

'Kittie' by Frederick Sandys

Presented to the Walker Art Gallery in 1911 by the sitter, Miss Ellen Ellis.

Kittie was the nickname of Ellen Ellis, the step-daughter of Thomas Chappell, of the famous London firm of music publishers and piano manufacturers. Chappell commissioned several portraits of his family from Sandys.

Frederick Sandys was a follower of the Pre-Raphaelites. His fanciful female heads such as Helen of Troy (Walker Art Gallery) show the influence of Rossetti.

Sandys was a specialist in coloured chalk portraits, beautifully drawn with crisp clarity. Kittie is fashionably dressed in brown. She holds a fan and fondles the ear of her pug puppy. Behind is a decorative backdrop of oleander leaves.