The Wirral

Black and white photo of family in front of a tent

Grandmother Urton with Biddy and the girls shelter in their tent on the beach, union flag flying c1910
© National Museums Liverpool (by kind permission of Heather Price)

The Urtons made many outings to the Wirral coastline. Jack photographed their day trips to the sand-hills of Wallasey, and the resort of New Brighton. We see the Urtons setting up camp on the beach, complete with large tent and campfire. Mary and Lois wear bathing suits and caps, whilst Jack and Biddy paddle almost fully clothed.

New Brighton began as a desirable residential suburb for the gentry but with the coming of the railway in 1888 began to grow into a popular holiday resort. It had a promenade pier, theatres and gardens, and numerous facilities for visitors. The famous New Brighton Tower opened in 1900. Middle and working class day-trippers from both sides of the River Mersey could sail on the boating lake, take a donkey ride on the sands, or lunch in one of the many cafés. In contrast to some of the novelty entertainments, there were also more sedate activities such as cycling and walking clubs.