Collecting by the gallery after Lever's death

This final section of the exhibition highlights acquisitions made for the Lady Lever Art Gallery after Lever's death using the endowments he had provided. Most of these works were acquired by the Trustees in the 1940s and 50s, mainly through the Fine Art Society in London, in an effort to fill perceived gaps in the collection.

As a result of these purchases the Trustees acquired some additional significant works for the gallery. These include early 18th century watercolours such as John White Abbot's 'Peamore' and some later Victorian material including William Callow's 'Malines'. Other works like Simeon Solomon's 'Mystery of Faith' were bequeathed to the gallery.

Gallery of works

Follow the links below to see the paintings from this section.

JW Abbott

'Lympstone, Devon'
Francis Towne

William Callow

Edward Lear

'Mystery of Faith'
Simeon Solomon