'Study for Sponsa de Libano', Edward Burne-Jones, drawn around 1891

Accession number 3788

Chalks on paper, 34.7 x 29cm

Head of a woman blowing through pursed lips

Purchased in 1896.

In the large painting 'Sponsa de Libano' (The Bride of Lebanon) two female figures in swirling draperies hover over the bride. They represent the North and South winds, blowing fragrant breezes:

'Awake O North wind; and come then south; blow upon my garden that the spices thereof may flow out.'

The subject comes from the Song of Solomon in the Bible. This study for the wind on the left was made from a twelve year old cockney Jewish girl who posed for both North and South winds. The artist asked her to 'look wild and blow with your lips.'