Lever and James Orrock

This section explores Lever's relationship with the collector, art dealer, artist and former surgeon-dentist James Orrock (1829-1913). Some of the most attractive watercolours and drawings in the collection were acquired through Orrock. In fact Lever purchased separate collections from Orrock on three occasions; these included furniture and paintings as well as watercolours and drawings.

The artists included here are amongst those Orrock favoured as best representing the English school of watercolour painting. David Cox is featured as well as artists inspired by him such as Thomas Collier. One of Orrock's own works is shown in this section.

Two watercolours displayed here were purchased by Lever as genuine David Cox paintings but have since been confirmed as forgeries. This raises the possibility that Orrock was involved in forging works and that his dealings with Lever were at times less than honest.

Gallery of works

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