Whistler and Pennell:

Etching the city
4 May- 7 October 2018

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About this exhibition 

Whistler and Pennell: Etching the City captures the changing landscape of New York and London in the final years of the industrial revolution. Featuring 38 prints from two of the most influential and innovative etchers - James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) and Joseph Pennell (1857-1926), the exhibition highlights an important period in the history of etching known as the 'Etching Revival'It explores how both artists championed a declining art medium, and their motivation to create a definitive technique and style.

The artists shared an interest in the role of architecture, engineering, industry and production, but differed in their approach. Whistler’s imagery captured the individual characteristics of the city and its workers, while Pennell’s provides an impersonal and more distant perspective.

The exhibition also explores the lives of both American artists and their motivations for immigrating to Britain in the second half of the 19th century. 





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"The prints are bursting with the bustle, life and energy of two major cities going through extraordinary growth and change."
Alex Patterson,  Exhibition Curator


Eaux-Fortes sur Paris (Etchings of Paris): Le Pont Neuf (The New Bridge),
Awnings and Umbrellas (Benares)
Jasmine Sellers
Coal - Abomination of Work, Mahanoy Valley
The Pool
Eagle Wharf
Paris in Construction
The River Palace, Evening
The Palace, Jodhpur
Canongate Washing
Old Hungerford Bridge
J Becquet, Sculptor
The Little Pool
Battersea Dawn (Cadogan Pier)
Chelsea Bridge and Church
On the way to Bessemer
The Forge
Thames Warehouses
The New Strand
East Blatchington
The Umbrella
Standard Oil Works, Staten Island
The Cliffs of West Street, New York
Edgar Thomson Steel Works, Pittsburg
Among the Skyscrapers, New York
New York from Brooklyn Bridge
From Cortland Street Ferry, New York
Palisades and Palaces, New York
West Street Building from Singer Building, New York
The Mining Village near Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania,
Pittsburgh No.3
Main Street, Mahanoy City
The Music Room
The Breaking up of the Agamemnon
Coal Wharves, Staten Island
The Coal Breaker
The Bridges, New York
The Lime-Burner
Black Lion Wharf
Thames Police
Old Westminster Bridge
Partie de la Cite de Paris vers la fin du XVII siècle, (Part of the City of Paris in the late seventeenth century)
Hands Etching – Ô Laborum
Encombe Woods No. II (copper plate)
A French Cathedral (Rouen)
Portrait of Sir Francis Seymour Haden
Street scene in China
View in China
Demolition of St. James's Hall, Interior
Canal and Bridge of S.S. Apostoli, Venice
Piccadilly Circus
Stone Steps, Benares
The Lanterna, Genoa