Shipping and trade associations

The nineteenth century, especially after 1850, saw a multiplication of specialist trades and functions in the port and shipping industry. This specialisation led to the rise of trade associations in Liverpool for shipping, distribution, marine insurance, port employment and the commodity trades. The records that have been preserved in the Maritime Museum provide a useful cross section of their activities, although there are large gaps. The records include:

Ship owners' associations

  • British Liner Committee
  • Canadian Atlantic Freight Secretariat
  • Liverpool Ship Owners' Association
  • Liverpool Steam Ship Owners' Association

Employers' associations

  • Employers' Labour Association
  • Shipping Federation, Liverpool and Mersey District
  • Employers' Association of the Port of Liverpool
  • National Maritime Board

Marine insurance associations

  • Liverpool Association of Average Adjusters
  • Liverpool and London Steam Ship Protection & Indemnity Association
  • Liverpool and London War Risks Insurance Association
  • Liverpool Underwriters' Association

Trade associations

  • Liverpool Cold Storage Association
  • Liverpool Corn Trade Association
  • Liverpool Cotton Association
  • Liverpool Provision Trade Association
  • Sugar Association of Lancashire

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