Liverpool Anglican Cathedral interior, view towards west wall, 1941

Stewart Bale collection online exhibition

Archive reference 41358-2

Cathedral interior, with rows of seats facing a central aisle between enormous columns and a high vaulted ceiling. An archway at the back is filled in with a temporary wall of rough brickwork

A view from the high altar in the east end of the Anglican Cathedral looking toward the temporary west wall. The construction followed this route from east to west and a series of temporary walls were constructed as the building advanced westwards. Here a wall has recently been removed (at the end of the choir). A further temporary wall can be seen in the centre of the image. Completed, the distance from the west door to the east window is 457 feet (139 metres).

The direction of view points to the eventual siting of the great west window installed just prior to the building’s completion in 1978. Stylistically it is very much a departure from all the other stained glass in the cathedral.