Martins Bank, Liverpool - exterior, near completion c1932

Stewart Bale collection online exhibition

Archive reference 1613-46

Exterior of large square office building, 11 floors high, solidly built in a white stone

A non-commissioned image which shows a view of Martins Bank near completion taken from the building diagonally opposite. The high sight line and central focus towards one of its right angles allows visibility of two of its walls, creating an image that is more descriptive than dramatic and giving a real sense of its massive and solid proportions. At ground level there are still barriers in place, behind which workmen can be seen continuing the construction; a large notice advertises office space. The building was completed in 1932. Note Liverpool Town Hall, which can be glimpsed to the right.

This was the former headquarters of Martins Bank. Designed by architect Herbert J Rowse, it is an important example of American classicism, which was promoted through Charles Reilly’s Liverpool School of Architecture where Rowse studied.

This is one of the non-commissioned photographs in the collection, identified by the 1613 prefix on the reference number, which are a record of the photographers' own interests.