Cover and page 1 of the Queensway Mersey Tunnel souvenir album

plain album cover with gilt lettering

Album cover

The text on the cover reads:

"Souvenir of the Opening of QUEENSWAY by H.M. The KING accompanied by H.M. The Queen, 18th July 1934.

with the Compliments of the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee."

page inside album with list of names

Page 1: Title page, listing the members of the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee. Archive reference number 11531.

The text on the title page reads:


Chairman - Alderman Sir Thomas White
Vice-Chairman - Alderman Denis J. Clarke

Members Representing the CORPORATION OF LIVERPOOL:-

Alderman John Clancy
Alderman Thomas Dowd
Alderman Burton William Ellis
Alderman Austin Harford
Alderman Luke Hogan M.B.E.
Alderman William Muirhead
Alderman William Albert Robinson
Alderman Edwin Thompson
Alderman Sir Thomas White
Councillor Robert John Hall

Members Representing the CORPORATION OF BIRKENHEAD:-

Alderman Denis J. Clarke
Alderman Thomas McLellan
Alderman Godfrey A. Solly
Alderman Henry Van Gruisen
Councillor William Henry Egan
Councillor Edward James Hughes
Councillor Charles McVey

Walter Moon. Clerk."