Copy of portrait of George A Cobham Junior, Commander of the 111th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Artist unknown

Slides only, original portraits not held

framed portrait of a man in army uniform
Archive reference DX/630/27

Liverpool born George Cobham joined the United States Army in 1861 to fight against the Confederates. He died at the Battle of Peach Tree Creek in 1864.

The Maritime Archives and Library holds letters written by his stepfather in Pennsylvania, also George, to relatives in Liverpool, regarding the war and attempting to counter the arguments of Confederate opinion in Liverpool.

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This Maritime Archives and Library display is part of National Museums Liverpool's programme to mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. From 2011-2015 there is a series of displays and a gallery trail highlighting Liverpool's involvement in the war; through the collections of Merseyside Maritime MuseumMaritime Archives and Library and the International Slavery Museum.

Liverpool and the American Civil War