Letter from Thomas Hennesey Lynam, 12 April 1861

old handwritten letter
Archive reference DX/1350/2

Irishman Thomas Hennesey Lynam, was living in the USA and joined the Confederate Army at the outbreak of the Civil War.

The Maritime Archives and Library holds seven letters from Thomas to his brother in Ireland. The majority are written after the war and outline his service and the injuries he sustained. He wrote this letter from the Confederate Army camp at Fort Pickens, Florida on 12 April 1861.


"Dear Brother,

I send you these few hasty lines to Inform you that I am now in florida with my regiment, the Mississippi Volunteers the number about 5,000 we expect to have to fight the United States troops in a few days if I come through unhurt I will write to you again soon I would have wrote sooner but I did not know where your Letter would Reach me when you write direct to T.H. Lynam 2nd Lieutenant 1st Reg. Miss. Volunteers - or Lieut. T.H. Lynam 1st Reg. Miss. Volunteers cair J.A. Cassidy Washington Ind., he will know whear I am write to my write to my mother as soon as you get this and let her know whear I am do not let her know that I am going to fight and I want you to not think of coming to this country untill Peace is established between the North and South. Give my love to all my brothers and sisters no for the present but Remain.

Your Effectionate brother
T.H. Lynam"

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