A New Account of Some Parts of Guinea and the Slave Trade, Captain William Snelgrave, 1734

old book with a fold out map

This book is an important text on the history of West Africa and the transatlantic slave trade.  William Snelgrave was a British master mariner and slave trader with some thirty years experience of the West African trade. He wrote this account based on slave trading voyages made in 1727 and 1730 to Whydah and Jakin. He provides an early account of the Kingdom of Dahomey (Benin) and details the conquest of Whydaw (Ouidah), one of the major slave trading ports of West Africa, by Dahomey in 1727.  The second part of the book includes accounts of mutinies on slave ships on which Captain Snelgrave served.

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Archive reference 512.6 SNE/R