Sketch of the Commercial Life of HE Stripe, 1886 

open pages of an old hand written journal

Look through the eyes of someone working at the heart of the shipping industry and learn what life was like in 19th century Liverpool, then the second largest port in the UK, in this fascinating journal.  

Henry Stripe was born in London in 1813 and came to Liverpool in 1832.  He was employed as a clerk at the ship owning firm of J Bibby & Sons (now Bibby Line Ltd) for 46 years from 1840-1886, retiring aged 73. 

His memoirs provide a vivid picture of Liverpool's business life and details of the staff and captains employed at Bibby's, particularly the rise of Frederick Leyland through the company. He also includes much contemporary information on the topography and social life of Liverpool during the mid 19th century.

This page provides details of his 26 hour journey to Liverpool on the top of a stage coach, including a nasty encounter with a maggot infested pie, and a revealing contemporary view of Liverpool's Irish population.

Archive reference DX/1477