First class ticket for the White Star liner Titanic 

Old White Star Line ticket for the Titanic

This is the only known surviving ticket from Titanic, and as such is a priceless artefact from the most famous ship in the world.

The ticket or boarding card belonged to the Reverend Stuart Holden who was intending to sail to New York on Titanic's maiden voyage.  His wife became ill the day before Titanic sailed, forcing him to cancel his voyage.  Reverend Holden had the ticket mounted with the inscription "Who redeemeth thy life from destruction" and kept it above his desk to remind him of his good fortune in missing Titanic's only voyage.

After the Reverend died in 1934 his family kindly gave it to the museum.  He is one of many intended passengers and crew who were lucky enough to miss the sailing and tragic sinking.  

The ticket isn't currently on display at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

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Archive reference DX/1063/R