Ragamuffin, 1949

old photo of 2 people sailing in a small yacht with number 11 on the sails

Ragamuffin is one of a type of two person dinghy known as the Blundellsands Sailing Club Tyrer One Design. The boats were designed by Gerard Tyrer in 1944 to create a small, sturdy boat that could withstand the surf on the beaches of Crosby. Almost thirty of the 3.3m craft were built over the next fifty years.

The Tyrer One Design boats like Ragamuffin were a great success and were a mainstay of dinghy racing at Blundellsands Sailing Club. Ragamuffin was the eleventh such boat built and was originally called Hoyden, but it was renamed when the boat was later sold to a new owner.

Leisure sailing on the River Mersey has been important since the early 1800s when many organised clubs were created. Blundellsands Sailing Club was started in 1914, replacing earlier clubs in the area, such as the Altmouth and Burbo Sailing Clubs.

Accession number 1995.159


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