Signed certificate with a picture of HMS Conway and the training school's castle logo

Certificate awarded to Walter George Hiscock on leaving HMS Conway in 1911.

The text on the certificate reads:

"Mercantile Maritime Service Association

Cadet School Ship "Conway".

By permission of the Board of Trade the holder of this Certificate is allowed to pass his examination as Second Mate after being three instead of four years at Sea.

EXTRA CERTIFICATE Awarded to W. G. Hiscock
Entered September 1909 left December 1911.

Conduct V.G.
Ability. V.G.

[Signature] CAPTAIN.
[Signature] CHAIRMAN.
[Signature] HON SECRETARY.

The qualifications for which alone this Certificate is granted are stated on the back.

Lee and Nightingale, Litho. Liverpool.

[Written at side] Recommended Midshipman RNR"

The certificate is on display in the Life at Sea gallery.

Accession number MMM.1996.108