Medals awarded to cadet RE Hutson

two medals, one featuring King Edward, the other featuring HMS Conway

Gold medal and silver cutter race medal. Accession numbers 1983.1587.1 and 1983.1587.2.1

HMS Conway cadet RE Hutson was awarded these medals in around 1936. Further information about the sporting activities that cadets took part in as part of their training are included in the online feature about the Maritime Archive and Library's collections relating to HMS Conway.

The medals are not currently on display but were included in a temporary display marking the 150th anniversary of HMS Conway at the Maritime Archives and Library, with cadet Hutson's blazer badge and rowing cap.

two medals, one featuring a wreath, the other featuring HMS Conway

Silver gig race medal and bronze rowing race medal.

Accession numbers 1983.1587.2.2 and 1983.1587.3.1