If you have an enquiry about Liverpool's maritime past or general maritime history you may find it useful to have a look at the Maritime Archives and Library information sheets.


  • The Maritime History department deals with specific collections-related enquiries and specialist subject enquiries
  • The Seized! Revenue and Customs uncovered gallery is the national museum of the HM Revenue and Customs collections
  • The Maritime Archives and Library deal with general maritime history and Liverpool maritime history enquiries, as well as specific enquiries relating to the archive and library collections

Maritime History

If you have any questions relating to objects in the museum such as paintings and ship models, please complete a contact form.

Seized! Revenue and Customs uncovered

Our page of information about HM Revenue and Customs for researchers is a guide to the resources that are available online. If you have an enquiry you may find it useful to check there before contacting a member of staff.

Archives and Library