'Diamond Jubilee'

old photo of 4 rowers and a cox in a long thin boat

‘Diamond Jubilee’ being launched in 1983. Image courtesy of Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club

Rowing boats are narrow lightweight craft, propelled through the water using oars. They can be sweep (single oared), and scull (double oared), and some are steered by an extra crew member called a cox.

‘Diamond Jubilee’ was built by WJ Colley for the Henry Meoles School Boat Club of Wallasey.  The club traces its origins back to 1922, and the boat was built to commemorate the club’s Diamond Jubilee in 1982, hence the name.  In the early 1990s the club closed and its boats were transferred to Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club.

‘Diamond Jubilee’ takes a crew of five; four to row using single oars (sweep), and a cox to steer.  The lightweight hull is made of a thin cedar wood skin over a larch wood frame. 

Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club traces its beginnings to 1884, and is the last surviving rowing club on the Wirral peninsula.

‘Diamond Jubilee’ is on loan from Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club.

people rowing long thin boats in a dock, while others carry boats to the water

Row boats on the West Float, Birkenhead. Image courtesy of Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club