Attacker speedboat W13 ‘Melody’

old photo of people by a speedboat by a harbour wall

‘Melody’ at New Brighton Marina Lake, c1963

‘Melody’ was one of the last hand-made wooden Attacker speedboats to be built, and is a prime example of its type.

It was built in 1961 by Aqua Craft, of Bridport, Dorset.  At this time more sophisticated materials such as aluminium sheet were beginning to be used in speedboat construction, but this boat was built using traditional methods and materials.

‘Melody’ was assigned its number, W13, by the Wallasey Power Boat and Ski Club.  It was used for pleasure, mainly for racing and water skiing on the river Mersey.

‘Melody’ has seating for up to four people, and could reach a speed of 35 miles per hour.

Accession number MMM.1982.103.1

old aerial photo of a speedboat pulling a waterskier in the Mersey

Melody’ with water skier off New Brighton Pier c1963