Teacher's resource

This downloadable teacher's resource is available free for any teachers focussing studies on migration and movement of peoples around the world.

While the resource was inspired by the stories told in the On their own exhibition, your class does need need to have visited the exhibition in order to use it, as it is designed for use in the classroom as a stand alone teaching aid. It could also accompany a visit to the Emigrants to a New World gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

The resource follows the emotive story of the enforced migration of children to Australia and Canada, often to lives of brutality and hardship. Many of these children left on ships through the port of Liverpool, making this also a key element of local history study.

The pack contains detailed, easy to follow lesson plans for both key stages 2 and 3 including photocopiable resources for the children to use as they discover more about this important story.

The lesson plans encourage the development of empathy for people in the past, increase confidence in expressing ideas to their peers, advance their knowledge of a key area of Liverpool’s past and promote the benefits of independent research.

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