Liverpool to New York: the only way to cross

Merseyside Maritime Museum

28 January - 14 August 2005. This exhibition has now closed.

Visitors relived the golden age of travel in the Merseyside Maritime Museum’s major exhibition Liverpool to New York: the only way to cross, which ran from 28 January until 14 August 2005.

Until the 1960s the ship was the only way to cross the Atlantic for many people. One of the main UK departure ports was Liverpool. Two of the greatest Atlantic shipping lines, Cunard and White Star, were based in the city. At the height of their popularity the lives of thousands of people on Merseyside were linked with the Atlantic liners, as passengers, crew, employees and suppliers.

The type of people that travelled on the liners varied immensely. They included immigrants sailing to a new world, American tourists returning from Europe and famous celebrities heading to Hollywood.

The Journey

A liner at sea was a self-contained world. The exhibition ‘Liverpool to New York’ aimed to bring this world to life by recreating a voyage day by day, letting visitors experience each stage of the journey as the passengers and crew themselves would have done. Explore the main themes online by following the links below.

Liverpool to New York Poster Detail

Included in the exhibition

This blockbuster exhibition at the Maritime Museum included original artefacts and equipment from some of the most luxurious ocean liners, such as the Queen Mary and the Mauretania. It also featured interactives and hands-on displays, to give visitors a taste of life on board.

A collection of medals and an engraved silver loving cup that were presented to Captain Arthur Rostron of the Cunard liner Carpathia, for his rescue of all the survivors from the Titanic, were also on show. 

Another prize exhibit was the superb 4 metre model of the Birkenhead-built Cunard liner Mauretania (II) 1939-65, on loan from the National Maritime Museum in London.


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'Liverpool to New York: The Only Way To Cross' was sponsored by Cunard.
Cunard are proud to continue their famous transatlantic service on Queen Mary 2, the grandest ocean liner ever. 

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This exhibition was part of Sea Liverpool 2005 and the national SeaBritain celebrations. It was supported by Classic FM.

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