Photography competition winner

children running on the deck of a ferry by Liverpool's waterfront

The competition winner: Ferry Cross The Mersey 1972 © Bernard Rose

The On the Waterfront exhibition explored significant changes on Liverpool's waterfront. Today the people who visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Albert Dock are part of that story, so we held a photography competition to give our visitors the chance to be part of the exhibition.  

We asked visitors to send in their photographs, old or new, showing Liverpool’s waterfront and how it has changed over the years. There were 488 entries and the winner has now been chosen by our panel of judges. The winning photograph, 'Ferry Cross the Mersey 1972' by Bernard Rose, was on display in the On the Waterfront exhibition from 10 May until 19 June 2016. 

Competition entries

This gallery features some of 488 competition entries to the On the Waterfront photography competition.

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'All you need is Love' by Paul Jamieson'Ferry cross the history' by John McMinn'Dockside stones and steel pillars' by John McMinn'Next to the waterfront of history' by John McMinn'Albert Dock twilight' by Tiago Peçanha'Liverpool waterfront skyline' by Tiago Peçanha'Liverpool looking outwards' by Paul Jamieson'Theatrical Liverpool' by Paul Jamieson'Misty Morning' by Cel Seward'Misty Morning' by Cel Seward'Docklands on a Misty Morning' by John Seward'Evening Reflections' by John Seward'On the Waterfront' by Peter Jones'Mister Softee' by Peter Jones'The Pumphouse' by Peter Jones'Liverpool Waterfront' by Rob Jones'Bridge View' by Rob Jones'Three Graces' by Rob Jones'Hartley Clock Tower' by Anthony Clarke'Light along the Collonades' by Anthony Clarke'Canning half tide dock entrance' by Anthony Clarke'Rainbow's End' by Marie Dixson'Rainbow's End' by Marie Dixson'Liverpool Thru My Eyes' by Misha Chaudhry'Liverpool Thru My Eyes' by Misha Chaudhry'To the Evening Ferry We Go' by Jamin Sohrabi-Shiraz'Evening Stroll' by Jamin Sohrabi-Shiraz'Light Streaks of the Strand' by Jamin Sohrabi-Shiraz'End of the Line' by Ian Bonnell'End Of The Pier Show' by Ian Bonnell'Lost and Found' by Barbara Hind'Ferry across the Mersey' by Barbara Hind'Time warp' by Rudi Szczerba'Dockside walk' by Rudi Szczerba'Chilling out' by Rudi Szczerba'Great Liver Gulls' by David Eyres'Billy Furies' by David Eyres'Docks at Dusk' by David Eyres'The Past and The Present' by Hugh O'Donnell'summertime's coming......' by Stu Kime'Still of the Night' by Hugh O'Donnell'Almost Midnight' by Hugh O'Donnell'Sacrifice.' by reggiefromtheheights'The benchmark!!' by reggiefromtheheights'Lone Rider' by John Devonport'Rainy day, Albert Dock.' by reggiefromtheheights'#waterfront300' by terrytococallaghan @terry_tococalla'#waterfront300' by melissa @melissaagroves (Instagram entry)'Spring time ice creams and carousels on the 300 year old waterfront in Liverpool #waterfront300' by Andrea Day @andreaeday (Twitter entry)'3 Graces from the hay 'cut' with more modern buildings forming part of the regeneration #waterfront300' by Andrea Day @andreaeday (Twitter entry)'Celebrating 300 years of Liverpool's - now stunning waterfront. #waterfront300' by Andrea Day @andreaeday (Twitter entry)'Tranquility...' by Daniel @danielhiggins86 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Daniel @danielhiggins86 (Instagram entry)'#onthewaterfront as seen from Georges parade #waterfront300' by Catherine Booton @cathbooton (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by @photographer0010 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @photographer0010 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @photographer0010 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Nathan Hall @itsjustnath (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Nathan Hall @itsjustnath (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Nathan Hall @itsjustnath (Instagram entry)'Liverpool' by Nikola Zelano @nikola85fg (Instagram entry)'Building site at Mann  island' by Tom Adam'Trough the glass window' by Tom Adam'Monochrome Sunset' by Tomas Adam'Our New Canal Waterfront' by Audrey Walker'New Canal Foundations' by Audrey Walker'Tugs of Yesteryear Gladstone Dock (1962)' by Audrey Walker'1 GOODBYE VICTORIA  2 LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL 3 CELEBRATION' by Bob Hind'1 Ferry across the Mersey' by Barbara Hind'1 GOODBYE VICTORIA  2 LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL 3 CELEBRATION' by Bob Hind'View From The Flight Deck' by Robert Murray'Liverpool Icon' by Ferdinand Juntilla'Cunnard Ship 2015' by Ferdinand Juntilla'Fireworks Over River Mersey' by Ferdinand Juntilla'Tranquil' by Eugene Stanley'Bridge the gap' by Eugene Stanley'Merseyside Maritime Museum' by Eugene  Stanley'Waterfront III' by Leon Skensberg'Waterfront II' by Leon Skensberg'Waterfront I' by Leon Skensberg'Strand: Evolution Old and New' by Alan Kulke'The Cunard, Liverpool 2015' by Rodel N. Pobre'Hook, Line and Jack-up Wind Turbine Installation Vessel' by Rob Davies'The Leaving of Liverpool: Beatles Sculpture, Pier Head 2016' by Fred Rylands'Derelict Building, Liverpool Waterfront' by Fred Rylands'November sunset over the Pier Head, Liverpool 2015' by Fred Rylands'Liverpool Waterfront Old & New' by K Sztanko'WATER FRONT' by Charlotte Brodie'Red Light - lightship, Canning Dock, February 2016' by Steve Murphy'Cross the Mersey - Liverpool's iconic waterfront and ferry landing stage February 2016' by Steve Murphy'Merseyside Maritime Museum' by Andy @mcr_manc (Instagram entry)'Ferry across the Mersey' by Andy @mcr_manc (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Andy @mcr_manc (Instagram entry)'The Leaving Of Liverpool - Royal Liver Building' by Paul Quigley @iggyquiggy2 (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by melissa @melissaagroves (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Dave C Bannerman @davecbannerman (Twitter entry)'Could be Venice but it's not its liveeeerpooooooool#waterfront300' by Marie Wood @mariewoodx (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Martin Bennett @cwmgryli_martin (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Martin Bennett @cwmgryli_martin (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Irena @kopite25 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Col Armstrong @CArmogeddon (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Col Armstrong @CArmogeddon (Twitter entry)'Albert Dock Ship Reflection' by Gregory Quinn Brennan @gregoryqbrennan (Instagram entry)'The Pier Head Liverpool at Dusk' by Gregory Quinn Brennan @gregoryqbrennan (Instagram entry)'Liverpool a reflection' by Gregory Quinn Brennan @gregoryqbrennan (Instagram entry)'A Fab Place' by PixTill'Liverpool Legend' by PixTill'Leaving of Liverpool' by PixTill'On reflection. Albert Dock.' by Tom Baker @tommyboots (Instagram entry)'Cubist.' by Tom Baker @tommyboots (Instagram entry)'New kid on the block.' by Tom Baker @tommyboots (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @geddev'#waterfront300' by @geddev'#waterfront300' by @geddev'View from the wheel' by Catherine Booton @cathbooton (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Geoff Pearson @hikinghistorian (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Geoff Pearson @hikinghistorian (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Geoff Pearson @hikinghistorian (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by inmyliverpoolhome @inmylivpoolhome (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by inmyliverpoolhome @inmylivpoolhome (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by inmyliverpoolhome @inmylivpoolhome (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Kim Fisher @ShimmyKimmie (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Propeller Club LPL @propellerists (Twitter entry'#waterfront300' by Propeller Club LPL @propellerists (Twitter entry'#waterfront300' by Chris Farrell @Apprenticechris (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Chris Farrell @Apprenticechris (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Chris Farrell @Apprenticechris (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Ian Cleary @EjcBig (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Ian Cleary @EjcBig (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Ian Cleary @EjcBig (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Liverpool Darts Acd @LpoolAcademy (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Liverpool Darts Acd @LpoolAcademy (Twitter entry)'The Albert Dock Liverpool' by Cameron Newman Hall @CNewmanHal1 (Twitter entry)'The Albert Dock Liverpool' by Cameron Newman Hall @CNewmanHal1 (Twitter entry)'Through the Eye of Liverpool' by Neil Carruthers'Reflections of the past' by Neil Carruthers'Dock View' by Neil Carruthers'#waterfront300' by Nicola Boddington @sausagechopz (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Nicola Boddington @sausagechopz (Instagram entry)'Liverpool' by Nikola Zelano @nikola85fg (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Edenblossom Pugs @cupcake_pug (Instagram entry)'Liverpool Love' by Ryan Garry'#ThisIsLiverpool' by Lee @leepee25 (Instagram entry)'Warmest day of the year so far. And today i am reunited with my girl' by Lee @leepee25 (Instagram entry)'#ThisIsLiverpool' by Lee @leepee25 (Instagram entry)'Cathedral from the Docks' by Ryan Garry'#waterfront300' by @g1984mc (Instagram entry)'Right facing the water' by @g1984mc (Instagram entry)'My old fave, view from the museum ....' by @g1984mc (Instagram entry)'Step Inside' by Cath Booton @cathbooton (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @louloutrixibelle (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @louloutrixibelle (Instagram entry)'Liverpool' by Nata Moraru @natamoraru (Instagram entry)'albert dock liverpool' by Nata Moraru @natamoraru (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Emma Payne @emma.payne.543 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Emma Payne @emma.payne.543 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Emma Payne @emma.payne.543 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @simonc74 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @simonc74 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by @simonc74 (Instagram entry)'signature of Liverpool, colourful lamb banana, Billy Furry, and The Beatles..' by Selly Liu @cellyta_aja (Instagram entry)'stunning view!! so peaceful!!' by Selly Liu @cellyta_aja (Instagram entry)'love this place ^^' by Selly Liu @cellyta_aja (Instagram entry)'Liverpool, my city.' by Hannah @hannahgiggles19 (Instagram entry)'Creative photography' by Hannah @hannahgiggles19 (Instagram entry)'Creative Photography' by Hannah @hannahgiggles19 (Instagram entry)'Liverpool Waterfront...#waterfront300' by Alan Dow @alandowphotography (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Alan Dow @alandowphotography (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Alan Dow @alandowphotography (Instagram entry)'Pier Head (2)' by Karen Brookman'#waterfront300' by Petro @petro.bekker (Instagram entry)'Pier Head' by Karen Brookman'View Over The Mersey' by Karen Brookman'#waterfront300' by Petro @petro.bekker (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Petro @petro.bekker (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Stephen Mark Wilks @stephenmark (Instagram entry)'~ Liverpool Waterfront' by Jennifer Edwards @jennwrenedwards777 (Instagram entry)'~Liverpool Waterfront From up in the big wheel xxx' by Jennifer Edwards @jennwrenedwards777 (Instagram entry)'~ Liverpool Docks xx' by Jennifer Edwards @jennwrenedwards777 (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by stavros_belingo (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by stavros_belingo (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by stavros_belingo (Instagram entry)'The Port of Liverpool building reflecting in the Mann Island development in 2009.' by Stephen Mark Wilks @stephenmark (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Stephen Mark Wilks @stephenmark (Instagram entry)'Moonlight through Lighthouse' by Richard Littler @dickodecco (Instagram entry)'Seacombe sunrise' by Richard Littler @dickodecco (Instagram entry)'Moonlight on the Mersey' by Richard Littler @dickodecco (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by eMpTy Productions @emptypromedia (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by eMpTy Productions @emptypromedia (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by eMpTy Productions @emptypromedia (Instagram entry)'Moving into the future with grace' by Tamsin Coates'Modern day docks' by Tamsin Coates'Eye of the docks' by Tamsin Coates'Integration' by Dave Edmunds'Classy angles Liverpool museum' by Dave Edmunds'Princes dock ready for development' by John Taylor'Dredging for QE2 arrivall' by John Taylor'Stormy night in Liverpool' by John Taylor'Looking at the Liverpool waterfront from Seacombe' by Jacki Wright'A sight for sore eyes.' by Jacki Wright'The modern side of the waterfront' by Jacki Wright'Tunnel Vision' by Alan Kulke'shapes' by Raymond Paul'Gotham City' by ihughes22'Strike a Pose' by ihughes22'Keeping Dixie' by ihughes22'The Change' by Chris Stirrup'Nearly' by Chris Stirrup'Working times' by Chris Stirrup'#waterfront300' by Nicola Brown @nikki___louise (Instagram entry)'Albert dock #valentines #love #liverpool #albertdock #waterfront300' by Nicola Brown @nikki___louise (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Nicola Brown @nikki___louise (Instagram entry)'As It Was' by David Graham'Befor the Big Build' by David Graham'Crosby From the Bird's eye' by David Graham'3 Graces through the rigging' by Barry Worthington'From the other side.' by Barry Worthington'Water of Life' by Barry Worthington'Liverpool water front' by anthony kelly'Glaciere In Liverpool' by Andy Taylor'Brunswick dock looking very Mediterranean' by K Elias'3 Graces, 3 Queens & The Red Arrows' by Andy Taylor'Liverpool's Liver Buildings' by Colin Brazier'The Queen Returns to Merseyside' by Colin Brazier'Albert Dock at Night' by Colin Brazier'the fab 4 back in the pool' by keith foster'Locks and Love' by Rachael Mutch'architect's dream' by keith foster'waiting for the summer' by keith foster'The Heart of Liverpool' by Carl yeates'A City to reflect on' by Carl yeates'Liverpool Illuminations' by Carl yeates'Gateway to Empire 1982' by Steve Howe'Canning Dock, Liverpool 2012' by Steve Howe'Liverpool Cathedral from King's Dock 1981' by Steve Howe'Called to the Bar' by Steve Whitehead'The Shadow on the Wall' by Steve Whitehead'Queen Elizabeth2 in 2007 looking Majestic' by Steve Whitehead'The Graces Reflected.....' by Chris Conway.'Reflections......' by Chris Conway.'Old and New.....' by Chris Conway.'Love on the Waterfront' by Pauline Elliott'Waterfront at night' by Pauline Elliott'The wheel on the docks' by Matt ridings'The docks at night' by Matt Ridings'Dusk' by Anusha Dharmasena'The View' by Anusha Dharmasena'In the distance' by Anusha Dharmasena'Liverpool Museum' by Joanne Roberts'Liverpool Sunset' by Joanne Roberts'Albert Docks' by Joanne Roberts'Salt House Dock' by Andrew Ratcliffe'Waterfront at night.....' by Graham Warren'Waterfront at night.....' by Graham Warren'Albert Dock 2015' by Graham Warren'Albert Dock 2013' by Andrea Harvey'I Spy With My Little Eye.....' by John Hogan'On Guard!' by John Hogan'Superlamb bannana on the Waterfront' by John Hogan'Old Meets New' by Andrea Harvey'night shift' by terry mcgrory'Taken in February 2007, this view changed rapidly just after this photograph was taken.' by Andrea Harvey'through old glass' by terry mcgrory'latitude' by terry mcgrory'Crosby Beach' by Darren Hillier'The Liver Building as sfrom the new waterfront builings' by John Dwyer'Gormley statue' by Darren Hillier'Liverpool from Waterloo' by Darren Hillier'Red sky at night, Sailors delight' by Scott Carey'Peaceful Docks' by Scott Carey'Three Graces' by Scott Carey'magical mystery ducks' by mike williams'the world turns' by mike williams'lest we forget' by mike williams''By the River'' by Leigh Hughes''Ferry 'cross the Mersey'' by Leigh Hughes'Time goes by' by Photographs by Ann''Floating City'' by Leigh Hughes'Passing Time' by Photographs by Ann'best water front in the world' by ian pendleton'The Wheel at Dusk' by Emma Byrne'Royal Iris & The 3 Graces' by Paul Townley'Sailing into Liverpool' by Paul Townley'Everything has a beginning' by Rob Swift'Royal Iris & The 3 Graces' by Paul Townley'Reflecting on Liverpool' by Billy Frank'Scale.' by Joseph Alexander Stanton'SUNSET LIVERPOOL' by Derek Tomkins'WATERFRONT' by Derek Tomkins'waterfront' by Derek Tomkins'Reflections of the Past (By Keith Evan Bourne)' by Keith Evan Bourne'A lovely night at the Docks' by Rodel N. Pobre'There's no place like home' by John Foley'Albert Dock reflections' by John Foley'Our beautiful waterfront in symmetry' by John Foley'Liverpool honour their WW2 Airman' by Dave Blake'Liverpool Waterfront - Centre of the World' by Dave Blake'Liverpool - Old & New' by Dave Blake'Albert Dock Fog' by Peter Wynne'Liver Building Sunset' by Peter Wynne'Dock Sunset' by Peter Wynne'Liverpool Now and Then' by Andrew Yates'Liverpool Now and Then' by'Liverpool Now and Then' by Andrew Yates'Bridge' by Steve Marland'Tea Break at The Albert Dock' by Eric Craven'The Strand - The Bar Light Ship - and Liver Buildings - Liverpool Waterfront' by Sue Mannings'Quayside Albert Dock - Liverpool Waterfront' by Sue Mannings'Liverpool Waterfront - The Liver Buildings' by Sue Mannings'Crosby Beach waterfront sunset' by Natalie Weston'Iron men' by Natalie Weston'Crosby Beach Sunset' by Natalie Weston'Field Of Dreams (Otterspool Sunday League 2016)' by Lisa'Morning Ice Cream' by Michelle Meakin'Liverpool today' by Michelle Meakin'Ever changing landscape' by Jennifer Edwards'At the docks' by Jennifer Edwards'Up in the air' by Jennifer Edwards'A calm day on the Mersey' by George Girven'New and Old' by Dave McAleavy'Winter Light' by Dave McAleavy'The view from a different angle not seen before' by Alan Herr'3 Graces Looking Amazing' by Alan Herr'Canal Route starts here' by Alan Herr'Tall ship' by Gerrie'Thru The Eye' by Robert White'Liverpool Waterfront' by Robert White'Three Graces' by Robert White'Liverpool - Looking up!' by Paul Anderson'Liverpool's vibrant beauty' by Paul Anderson'Old and New' by Paul Anderson'Architects Dream' by Martin Beecroft'The Old and the New' by Martin Beecroft'Heritage and Progress' by Andrew Kennedy'Reflective History' by Andrew Kennedy'Popular and Classical' by Andrew Kennedy'178 years apart.' by Harry Butterworth'What A Lot of Yacht' by Julie Clarke'Zebu' by Julie Clarke'Sail Away' by Julie Clarke'The Docks' by Terry ocallaghan'Windscreen View' by John Murray'Time waits for no man' by Terry ocallaghan'Snowdrop Dazzle' by John Murray'Quakers about Liverpool' by John Murray'New and Old' by Joe Ehlen'Fab Five' by Joe Ehlen'The Three Graces' by Joe Ehlen'Regeneration' by Richard Jackson'MANN, What a view!' by Alan Hemmings'Fly to the three Graces' by Helen Strickland'Sunset' by Helen Strickland'Sun looks like someone's face looking at the Liver birds' by Helen Strickland'Birkenhead Priory - The oldest-standing building in Merseyside' by John McGlone'#waterfront300 #liverpool #albertdock' by JD @jdsphoto (Instagram entry)'Day out... #waterfront300 #liverpool #albertdock' by JD @jdsphoto (Instagram entry)'Liverpool Albert Dock - 20 March 2016' by Abby Eades'Albert Dock in the March sunshine #birthdaybreak #hubby #waterfront300' by Hels @helsgarratt (Instagram entry)'Love locks on the Mersey #birthdaybreak #liverpool #waterfront300 #sunnyday' by Hels @helsgarratt (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300' by Sarah Potter @sarahpotter1990 (Twitter entry)'#waterfront300' by Kate Kyle @katehkyle (Instagram entry)'We are the 'Wheel of life'' by Toni Phillips'History still remains..' by K Elias'Liverpool' by Nikola Zelano @nikola85fg (Instagram entry)'Liverpool`s very own lambanana`s keeping a check on the time..' by K Elias'Liver bird from Albert Dock' by Peter Carpenter'Enjoyed my afternoon walking around the Albert Docks.Learnt alot about the Dock's history #waterfront300 #Liverpool' by Charlotte Ainsworth ‏@char_the_star (Twitter entry)'Spotted Love Padlocks today at the Albert Docks. Nice to see #love #albertdock #waterfront300' by Charlotte Ainsworth ‏@char_the_star (Twitter entry)'It's freezing! #liverpool #docks #reflections #lights #albertdocks #waterfront300 #waterfront #shore #liverpoolwheel #nightphotography' by amsssssssssssssss (Instagram entry)'Nice rainy and windy day #waterfront300 #liverpool #uk #touringmuseums' by Kev @iKev91 (Instagram entry)'#Waterfront300' by Joey Farrell ‏@JoeyFarrell11 (Twitter entry)'#Waterfront300' by Joey Farrell ‏@JoeyFarrell11 (Twitter entry)'#Waterfront300' by Joey Farrell ‏@JoeyFarrell11 (Twitter entry)'A modern memory - site of Old Dock 2' by Wendy Wright'A modern memory - site of Old Dock 1' by Wendy Wright'Twilight Panorama' by Andrew Crothall'Little and Large' by Andrew Crothall'The Old and the New' by Andrew Crothall'Atlantic Tower Hotel during construction' by John Greenhalgh'One of the most beautiful buildings in Liverpool. Beautiful building - beautiful sky. #liverpool #building #england #latepost #waterfront300' by Auliyanti Sahril Nurfadhilah (Instagram entry)'#liverpool #liverbird #liver birds #thelensbible #igersmersey #waterfront300' by Tracy Dignan (Instagram entry)'Here they are, the legendary rock group of Liverpool. See you again! Liverpool, 03.01.2016 . #thebeatlesstatue #thebeatles #liverpool #waterfront300' by Auliyanti Sahril Nurfadhilah (Instagram entry)'Liver Building, Liverpool, UK #thelensbible #waterfront300' by Tracy Dignan (Instagram entry)'Liverpool, UK #thelensbible #waterfront300' by Tracy Dignan (Instagram entry)'Love at the waterfront.' by Antonio Franco'Sunset at the waterfront.' by Antonio Franco'Salthouse Dock' by Antonio Franco'Look through the window' by Michael Robinson'Liverpool Big Wheel' by Melissa Moran'Memories of the Titanic' by Jan Peddie'Old and New together in Liverpool' by Jan Peddie'New Canal Link opens' by Jan Peddie'A Nautical Night' by Andrew Horrocks'The birds and the Beatles' by Andrew Horrocks'The 3 Graces' by Andrew Horrocks'Trains, Boats & Planes' by John Burns'Be Dazzled' by John Burns'Pier Head 1982' by Alan Grice'Albert Dock 1982' by Alan Grice'Looking forward.Looking back. 1982' by Alan Grice'Stroll back in time..' by K Elias'Mein' by Billy O'Malley'Fog on the Dock1' by Billy O'Malley'Fog at the Dock' by Billy O'Malley'Clock On Liver Building' by Graham Taylor'Liver & Cunard Buildings' by Graham Taylor'Pumphouse' by Graham Taylor'Salthouse Dock at dusk 1985' by David Cross'Albert Dock at dusk' by David Cross'Victoria clock tower, Salisbury Dock' by David Cross'Liverpool Aerial 1990' by Bernard Rose'Liverpool Waterfront 25 Years of Change' by Bernard Rose'Ferry Cross The Mersey 1972' by Bernard Rose'Home time' by Stephen Carrigan'3 Graces' by Stephen Carrigan'On reflection' by Stephen Carrigan'My city' by siobhan slater'Evolution' by Clare Ryan'Reflections' by Clare Ryan'#waterfront300 @merseymaritime time for reflection' by Andrew galley H.I.T @AndrewGalley (Twitter entry)'Maritime exit on a moist twilight #waterfront300' by Andrew Galley @andrewgalley (Instagram entry)'From Brick to Glass' by Phillip Marshall'Bikers waiting to board ferry to Isle of Man TT week 2015' by Chris allen'The Leaving of Liverpool' by Jenny Challinor'Pierhead after the rain' by Jenny Challinor'Liverpool Waterfront' by Jenny Challinor'The New and the Old' by Richard Nuttall'#waterfront300 #Liverpool #uk' by Thomas Ritson @thomasritson_photography (Instagram entry)'#picturesfrommycommute (309) #albertdock #liverpool #bynight. A shot totally inspired by @spokenwheelphotography's photo last night.' by FyldeCoastFixedGear (Instagram entry)'#picturesfrommycommute (325) Another shot from the beautifully #moonlit #Crosby #beach yesterday #morning with #antonygormley's "Another Place", #liverpool's #seaforth #docks and the #clywdian #mountains of #northwales in the distance.' by FyldeCoastFixedGear (Instagram entry)'Look Up!' by Thomas Ritson'Horseback.' by Thomas Ritson'Pier head silhouette' by Jake Costello'Two arl birds looking at two arl birds' by Jake Costello'Albert Dock' by Alex Foden Photography'Canning Dock' by Alex Foden Photography'Mersey Festival' by Alex Foden Photography'shadows of light' by Ross Knowles'New face' by Ross Knowles'Safe waters' by Ross Knowles'The colour version of the Beatles statue by artist Andy Edwards was recently placed at Liverpool's Pier Head to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the last time The Beatles last played in Liverpool on Dec 5th 1965 at the Empire Theatre' by spokenwheelphotography (Instagram entry)'The stunning waterfront of Liverpool UK' by spokenwheelphotography (Instagram entry)'The view from Liverpool's Albert Dock towards the Pierhead at night.' by spokenwheelphotography (Instagram entry)'Lovely view of the #dazzleferry from #homecafe #woodside #liverpool #igersliverpool #mersey #ferry #peterblake #waterfront300' by Binnsy binnsyt (Instagram entry)'#liverpool #proudest #redarrows What an amazing end to an amazing few days! #igersliverpool #waterfront300' by Binnsy binnsyt (Instagram entry)'one of the #threegraces' by Katie @katielgriffith (Twitter entry)'#maritime #museum #Liverpool #waterfront300' by vivienne_mackay (Instagram entry)'#waterfront300 #Liverpool' by vivienne_mackay (Instagram entry)'#Liverpool #bigwheel #waterfront300' by vivienne_mackay (Instagram entry)'down the steps to Otterspool' by Georgia Boon

Terms and conditions

For National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (operating as National Museums Liverpool)

  • Closing date for entry will be midnight on Sunday 17 April 2016. After this date no further entries to the competition will be permitted.
  • There is no entry fee, and no purchase necessary, to enter this competition.
  • Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions and agreement to be bound by them.
  • The competition is open to persons of any age. National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (operating as National Museums Liverpool ) assumes that by entering into the competition, the parents or guardians of any entrant that is aged under the age of 18 have consented to that person's entry into the competition, and these rules.
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  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received, for whatever reason.
  • The rules of the competition, and the prize for each winner, are as follows:
  • Entrants can submit up a maximum of three photographs depicting Liverpool's waterfront. If more than three images are submitted then only the first three will be considered for the competition.
  • All images will be moderated by a member of staff before they are added to an online gallery of competition entries on the National Museums Liverpool website.
  • Images must be your own copyright, do not share other people’s work.
  • Only photographs of the Liverpool waterfront area will be included. 
  • If your photos include children, please ensure you have permission from their parent or guardian to take their picture.
  • Offensive material will not be included.
  • The winners will be chosen panel of judges appointed by National Museums Liverpool, including the exhibition curator and exhibition officer.
  • The winner will be notified by email (if they entered via the website) or by social media (if they entered that way) within 28 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted, or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner, and pick a replacement winner.
  • The winning photograph will be displayed in the exhibition from Friday 20 May until 19 June 2016. 
  • We will need a suitable quality high resolution image for display in the exhibition. You can upload images up to 6mb to enter the competition. If you win then we might get back to you to request a larger image for display.
  • National Museums Liverpool’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The competition, and these terms and conditions, will be governed by English law, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
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  • The winner’s name will be available 28 days after closing date by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the following address: Competitions, Marketing and Communications, National Museums Liverpool, 127 Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2JH
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  • You will retain ownership of copyright of your photograph but you give National Museums Liverpool (and any third party authorised by National Museums Liverpool) your irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit, copy, amend and store your entry worldwide for such promotional purposes, for the purposes of the competition.
  • National Museums Liverpool reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition, and these terms and conditions, without notice, in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil, or military disturbance, act of God, or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation, or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the promoter.
  • No cash alternative to the prize will be offered. The prize is not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value, without giving notice.