Mapping Memory by National Museums Liverpool

Mapping Memory Liverpool Maritime Museum


How to use the Mapping Memory interactive map

Choose any of the pins on our interactive map to reveal the memories about that location.

The map show the street layout during the period covered by this project, 1950s-1970s, which is quite different to the current layout in some places.

The initial map view shows all of the memories that were collected during this project - more than 250 of them.

Some are clustered together - zoom into the map using the controls on the right hand side to see these more clearly. You can also use the arrows on the right hand side to move around the map.

In the bottom left hand corner there is a list of themes - choose any of these to filter the memories on the map by subject. Next to it you can filter the memories by the type of media - either video, image, audio or text.

All video and audio memories are accompanied by transcripts.

If the map view doesn't work on your computer or you prefer not to use it, you can use the 'list view' tab at the top of the screen to browse all of the memories, which are displayed in alphabetical order by location.

Alternatively use the 'themes' tab at the top of the screen to read a description of the four themes, then browse any of the memories in each theme.