Empress of Ireland today

colour postcard with illustration of the liner at sea

Colour postcard showing Empress of Ireland, from the Maritime Archives collection, reference PR478.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Empress of Ireland. For the many families who had relatives on board that night, the story of the Empress continues to be an important part of their family histories. Her story should not be forgotten.

Since 1999 the wreck of the ship has been marked with a white buoy, and designated a 'historical and archaeological property' in Quebec law. This protected status prohibits any intervention or salvaging of artefacts from the ship. Diving of the wreck is still permitted as long as divers respect the regulations outlined in the Cultural Property Act. 

The Empress of Ireland Museum at Pointe-au-Pere is close to the wreck site and contains many artefacts from the wreck.