Lusitania deckchair

high backed folding wooden deckchair

This wooden deckchair from the Lusitania was pulled from the sea the day after the sinking by young Irish fisherman Patrick O'Driscoll.

From then until he was an old man O'Driscoll used this deckchair outside his cottage on Cape Clear Island, off the southern coast of Ireland. It was donated to the Merseyside Maritime Museum in 1983.

The photograph below shows Patrick O'Driscoll, on the far left, with members of his family, pictured at his cottage in 1971. The lady at the front is sitting on the Lusitania deckchair.

Accession number 1983.2217

Group of people standing round a lady sat in a wooden deckchair in a garden

Patrick O'Driscoll with his family and the Lusitania deckchair