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Bernard Cassidy

Bernard Cassidy was born in Newry, County Down, Ireland in 1856, the son of Thomas and Catherine Cassidy. In 1899 he married Elizabeth Hanley, who was known as 'Eliza', and in 1915 they lived at 26 Exeter Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He e

John Catherwood

John Catherwood was probably born James Catherwood, in Drumane, Kilrea, County Londonderry on the 20th April 1870, the son of Thomas and Nancy Catherwood (née McCloy). His father was a farmer. Around 1890, he emigrated to the United States of Americ

Maria Carson Catherwood

Maria Carson was born in Lisheegan, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on the 10th August 1875, the daughter of James and Jane Carson (née Kilpatrick). Her father was a farmer, and Maria was one of five children. At some stage she had immi

Emily Cattew

Emily Dickson was born in Brixton, Surrey, England, in early 1877, the daughter, and one of six children, of Henry and Maria Mary Ann Dickson (née Russell). On completion of her education she became a domestic servant, and for a time worked as a lad

Colin Cattley

Colin Cattley was born in Brandsby cum Stearsby, in the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1881, the son of John and Eliza Cattley (née Noton). His father was a farmer; therefore it would appear natural that having completed his initial education, he stud

David Louis Chabot

Joseph Louis David Chabot was born in Granby, Shefford, Quebec, Canada, on the 14th October 1865, the son of Jean Solyme and Julie Chabot (née Boissonneau). He was one of eight children. His father was a carpenter, and the family were of French desc

Jacob Chadwick

Jacob Chadwick was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, on the 21st June 1891, the son of Ovid and Mary Chadwick (née Potter). After completing his education, Jacob became a horse driver, dealing in hay and straw, and at some stage damaged his right h

Blanche Gregory Chalmers

Ellen Blanche Gregory, always known as Blanche, was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on or around the 7th August 1869, the daughter of George and Ellen Gregory (née Byford). Her father was involved in the clothing trade, and the family home w

Richard Chamberlain

Richard ‘Ric’ Chamberlain was born in Kirkby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1857, the son of Richard and Sarah Chamberlain. He was married to Sarah Louise Chamberlain (née Rawling) in 1884, and in 1915 they lived at 7 Grote Street, Edge Hill, Li

Ethel Paull Chambers

Ethel Paull Williams was born on the 30th January 1882, in the village of Foxdale, Isle of Man, the daughter of John and Ellen Williams (née Paull). Her parents had originally come from Wales and settled in Foxdale, where John Williams worked as a m

Guy Winstaney P. Chambers

Guy Winstanley Peathing Chambers was born in Seaforth, Lancashire, England, on the 16th February 1879, the son of Francis Henry and Anne Chambers (née Winstanley). His father was a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army and Guy was the secon

Elizabeth Ellen Chantry

Elizabeth Ellen Chantry was probably born in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, in either late 1914 or early 1915, the daughter of Harold and Mina Chantry (née Hugill). Her parents lived in Stokesley, Yorkshire, England, and in November 1914 had trav

Harold Chantry

Harold Chantry was born in Airmyn, (near Goole), Yorkshire, England, in 1892, the son of Thomas Edward and Ellen Chantry (née Baxter). The family resided at Dutch River Side Farm in Airmyn, and Harold was the third youngest of ten children, and the

Mina Chantry

Mina Hugill was born in Seamer, Yorkshire, England, in 1893, the daughter, and one of four children of Thomas Henry and Maria Hugill (née Thomas). Her father was a blacksmith, and Mina had a twin brother named Fred. Nothing is known of her early lif

Ellen Elizabeth Nottingham Chapman

Ellen Elizabeth Nottingham was born on the 28th October 1855 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the daughter of John and Mary Nottingham (née Cook). She was the second eldest of four children and her father was a miller. On the 25th May 1876, she married