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Porflri Charkowski

Porfiri Charkowski was born in Imperial Russia in 1871. At some time before the Great War, he left his native land and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America, and settled in East St. Louis, Illinois, where he found employment as

Doris Maud Charles

Doris Maude Charles was born on the 10th September 1893, in Lanark, Ontario, Canada, the daughter, and one of eleven children of Joseph Henry and Annie Louise Charles (née Beavis). While she was still a child, her family moved to Toronto, Ontario. H

Eleanor Charles

Eleanor Charles was born in late 1884 or early 1885 in Matakana, New Zealand. On the 23rd August 1901, she arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on board the Zealandia and commenced training as a nurse at the Vancouver General Hospital. Sh

Joseph Henry Charles

Joseph Henry Charles was born in Perth, Ontario, Canada, on the 25th March 1867, the son of John L. and Sarah Charles. Nothing is known of his early life, except that as a young man, he left Canada and went to South Africa for a time. After leaving

George John Charlton

George John Tyson Charlton, always known as John Charlton, was born in Ulverstone, Lancashire on 12 July 1855, the son of botanist Samuel Charlton. He was a professional mariner and on 18 June 1884 he married Annie Stead in Liverpool. Unfortunately

Annie Chatt

Annie Chatt was born in Hexham, Northumberland, England, on the 5th June 1869, the daughter of George and Hannah Chatt (née Wemyss). Her father was the first editor of the West Cumberland Times newspaper, and Annie was the third of five children, al

Michael Chester

Michael Chester was probably born in County Waterford, Ireland in 1864, the son of Michael and Catherine Chester. He was married to Ann Chester (née Boyle) and they lived at 1 Court, 1 House, Curran Street, off Scotland Road, Liverpool. Ann Chester

Maud Gertrude Cox Chirgwin

Maud Gertrude Cox was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, in July 1884, the third daughter, and one of five children, of John George and Mary Ann Cox (née Elliott). For many years the family resided at 57. Regent Street, Swindon. Her father had bee

Richard Chirgwin

Richard Chirgwin was born a British citizen, probably in Havana, Cuba, in September 1914, the son of British parents Frederick and Maud Gertrude Chirgwin (née Cox). His father held the post of Assistant Stores Superintendent on the Cuban Central Rai

Robert Daniel Fletcher Chisholm

Robert Daniel Fletcher Chisholm was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England on 26 July 1882. On 24 December 1904 he married Agnes Ada Crawford and in 1906 the couple had a son, Alexander Robert. In 1915 the family home was at 22 Dalmorton Road, New B

Henry Christian

Henry Christian was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in late 1855, the son of Henry and Eleanor Jessie Christian. While still a child his father died and, coming from a large family, Henry began working as a waiter while still in his early tee

William Edward Christian

William Edward Christian was born in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1896, the son of John Robert and Catherine ‘Katie’ Christian, (née Wade). His father was formerly employed as a compositor on the Isle of Man Times. By the time of the Great War, however,

Pawel Chwysink

Pawel Chwysink was believed to have been born in Tsarist Russia in 1894. Sometime before the Great War, he left Russia and crossed the Atlantic to the United States of America, and settled in Chicago, Illinois, where he found employment as a laboure

Alfred Russell Clarke

Alfred Russell Clarke was a born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, on 7th October 1859, the second son of John and Mary Clarke. His father was a leather tanner, and later a farmer, and Alfred was one of eight known children. On completion of his edu

Charles Cowley Clarke

Charles Cowley Clarke was born in Bath, Somerset, England, on the 6th June 1851, the son of Charles Hall and Elizabeth Penelope Clarke (née Clarke). His father was a medical doctor and Charles was baptised in the Parish of St. Mary, Church of Englan