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John Lawton

John Lawton was born in Liverpool, Lancashire on the 25th July 1880, the son of William and Sarah Ann Lawton. He was married to Margaret “Maggie” Lawton, (née Fagan) in Liverpool on the 26th December 1907, and they lived at 2, Shaw Terrace, Salisbur

Le TOUZEL, Mr. Sydney Gybbon Le Touzel

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James Lea

James Lea was born in Runcorn, Cheshire in 1887 the son of James and Julia Lea of Greenway Road, Runcorn. He was married to Maud Lea (née Deakin) and they lived at 54 Egerton Road, Runcorn. He served his time as a marine engineer and afterwards work

John F. Leach

John F. Leach was born in Suffolk in 1883. He lived at 4, Brandon Road, Summerdown, Eastbourne, Sussex. He engaged as a waiter in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania at New York, on 30th April 1915, at a monthly pay rate of £4.05s.00d, (

John Neal Leach

John Neal Leach, known as Neal Leach, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1890, the son of John Vincent and Katherine Theodore Leach of Jamaica. His father was an English lawyer and magistrate, practising in Kingston. Neal Leach’s address in England w

Charles Alfred Learoyd

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Mabel Kate Symonds Learoyd

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James Joseph Leary

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Samuel Leathers

Samuel Leathers was born in Liverpool, Lancashire on 19 November 1884, the son of Peter and Mary Ellen Leathers. He married Isabella Leathers (née Hislop) in Liverpool in 1902 and they lived at 9 Fulford Street, Liverpool. Isabella had been a next d

Thomas Ledene

Thomas Ledene was born in Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland, in 1860. He was a widower, having been married to Margaret Ledene. He served as an able seaman in the Deck Department on board the Lusitania and was killed when she was sunk. His body was

James Ledger

James ‘Jim’ Ledger was born at 34. Norway Street, Waterloo, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on the 25th November 1895, the son of George and Augusta Olivia Vincent Ledger. The family later lived at 12, Sycamore Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, Lancashire.

John Ledson

John Ledson was born in Liverpool, Lancashire on the 8th April 1876, the son of Samuel and Jane Ledson. His father was a confectioner, and John followed in his father’s footsteps. He served as Extra Extra Second Baker in the Stewards' Department on

Bridget Lee

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Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee was born in County Westmeath, Ireland, in 1861, the son of Mr. And Mrs. Richard Lee. He was married to Bridget Bracken in Liverpool on the 15th January 1880 and they lived at 101, Gildarts Gardens, Liverpool, Lancashire. The couple had tw

Richard Lee

Richard Lee was a professional waiter in the mercantile marine. He engaged as a first class waiter in the Steward's Department on the Lusitania at Liverpool on 12th April 1915 at a monthly wage of £4-5s-0d., (£4.25p.) and joined her on the morning o