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Fred J. Rose

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William Rose

William Rose was born in Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire, England on 27 November 1878, one of two sons of Alfred and Harriet Rose. In total, it is thought that he was one of six children. Alfred Rose was the steward at the County Club, Lancaster,

Edward W Ross

Edward Walter Ross was born in Stepney, London, on 5 January 1880, the son of Albert and Jane Ross. He enlisted in the Oxford Light Infantry in 1898, serving in South Africa during the Boer War, and spending a total of 12 years in the colours before

Henry Ross

Henry Ross was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England on 16 April 1866, the son of Francis and Caroline Ross. He married Eleanor Snodgrass in Liverpool in 1895 and in 1915 they lived at 28 Cornett Road, Aintree, Liverpool with their three sons; Henr

Laurence Rossiter

Laurence Rossiter was born at Main Street, Wexford, County Wexford, Ireland in 1884, the son of Nicholas and Mary Rossiter. He had at least one brother, Joseph, who was a linotype printer in the News Office in Waterford city, County Waterford. Laure

Stanley Rourke

Stanley Rourke was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on the 14th April 1893, the son of Henry and Ellen Rourke. He came from a large family, and sometime after his father died in 1898, Stanley and one of his brothers were sent to an orphanage,

Annie Rowan

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Fred Rowan

Frederick ‘Fred’ Rowan was born on 10th August 1883 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, the son of Thomas and Margaret Rowan (née Grant). On the 25th November 1901. He married Mary Alice Hodgson at All Saints Church, Liverpool. In April 1915, he live

John Rowe

John Rowe was born in 1895, the son of John and Mary Ann Rowe. The family home was at 23 Lincoln Street, Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire. He served as a trimmer in the Engineering Department on board the Lusitania and he was killed when she was sunk.

Thomas Reuben Rowell

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Thomas Ruddan

Thomas Frederick Rudden was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on the 19th December 1885, the son of Thomas and Rebecca Rudden (née Atkinson). He was a professional sailor in the Mercantile Marine at Liverpool on 12th April 1915, he engaged as

William Samuel Ruffels

William Samuel Ruffels was born in Nowgong, Bengal, India, on the 14th January 1874, the son of William and Janet Ruffels. His father was a professional soldier, attaining the rank of Sergeant in the 63rd Regiment of foot. He was married to Sarah Mo

Thomas Walter Rumble

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George Rushton

George Rushton served as a first class waiter in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania. He survived the sinking and nothing further in known about him. Cunard Records.

Frederick Arthur Russell

Frederick “Fred” Arthur Russell was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England on the 1st July 1883, the son of Frederick and Nellie (otherwise spelt as Nelly) Russell. On completing his education, he trained for a time as an architect. In 1915, he live